EIFS Inspections

An EIFS inspection is intended to identify areas of high moisture content in the sheathing and framing.

We recommend an annual inspection if your building has been clad with a barrier EIF system. Water-managed or drainage EIF systems and homes clad with cultured stone, stucco or thin brick should also be inspected periodically. This period changes dependent on where you are located in the country.

North Eastern homes with extreme weather cycles such as rain and sleet in the fall, snow, ice and temperatures below freezing in the winter, then rain in the spring and some extreme sun with temperatures reaching  90°F plus in the summer. These extremes in weather will cause structural movement with the contraction and expansion experienced in these weather conditions.These can cause sealant joints to fail, as well as ice damming, flashing failure and structural cracking.

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The inspection can take several hours, and may even span more than one day. We offer you the services of qualified, specially-trained EIFSinspectors who will look for evidence of damage and test for moisture.